Mr. Bharat

We're proud to present: the hero of all heroes, Mr. Bharat, our greatest support when overseas. This young man (only 25 years old!!) collects all our handmade products when the production of new orders has finished. He is our parcelguy, our advisor, our Indian book keeper, but most of all our controller, who makes sure all of our suppliers are doing good, being healthy, not working too much (no overhours) and are working in good conditions. In short: proper and reasonable circumstances, which is one of the most important responsibilities when having your own brand!

Mr. Naseer

Please welcome Mr. Naseer, our amazing leather guy. Draw something for him - really, anything - and he'll make it for you! We call him Baba-Chi (meaning: dear father). Proud and dedicated are words that fit him perfectly.

Mr. Bungu

This is Bungu, the fantastic and super sweet handyman/craftsman behind our handmade wooden stamps. One stamp will cost him approximately 3 hours of work to prepare, but - even after 45 years of hard working - he still loves to carve every single piece we design for him. He's still completely dedicated to make the best of the best of every single piece we design for him.

Mr. Bhanu

We're pleased to introduce to you: Mr. Bhanu, our brass specialist. He is the hard working genius behind 60% of our collection, since more than half of it consists of this rich looking, though affordable golden coloured material.

Mr. Ahish & Mr. Ahlad

This beautiful (old) gentleman is Mr. Ahish, father of Mr. Ahlad. As traditional medicine men, both are taking great care of our recycled glass medicine bottles, which we use for the packaging of our Message Tubes.

Mr. Nesar & Mr. Lohit

Only one computer and two small Indian men sharing one little desk space (full of mess): this would be for sure the most crappy and narrow (professional) office you’d ever see.. Or at least we’ve never seen something like this before! These two whoppers helped us design these awesome notebooks, our À la stickers and our personal business cards. We’ve met these two utterly kind men on the crazy streets of Delhi and they’ve showed us the whole process of producing papered products in a country like India. The guys use some small machines for printing, but all the other steps of producing these notebooks are done by hand; can you imagine?!

Ode Family

This is – for sure – the cutest Balinese family ever. We’ve met every member of the family. Especially their grandmother was very special (90 years old and still making rice cookies)! We’ve chosen to pick a small (home) factory in order to provide some extra work for them within the big competition of silver factories in Bali.